by The Mighty River

All rights reserved, © 2014

The music on these recordings was composed during August, 2012, in Saint Paul, MN. Developed from loose improvised sketches, these works were condensed, molded, and refined until they took on a genre-bending character, full of tension, release, and emotion. The songs are rich and expansive, evocative of Sigur Rós, Retribution Gospel Choir, and Patrick Watson. 

In March 2013,The Mighty River brought these compositions to Lake Studios in Kelowna, BC, where they were captured by Zachari Smith. 

The mixing took place in Los Angeles, CA, under the delicate touch of Alex Oana, who midwifed the tracks into expressing their layers of balance and power. 

Mastered by Howie Weinberg, Horsebird is a study in contrasts and textures, melodies and dissonance.  Pleasure made sweeter by brief glimpses into musical chaos. 

Album art by Matt Frise (

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